Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy New Year! You are probably wondering "What's going on with BustIt?" We're still working on it!

In mid-2010, we started collaborating with Luke Ahearn (artist) on a funny new game for the iPhone and iPad. The results have been spectacular and you should keep your eyes open for Ticky Tacky.

Back to BustIt. Some of our priorities have changed.

During our hiatus, Apple released Game Center and it wasn't long before we started receiving "why isn't BustIt in there?" It should be for a couple of reasons. Our email-based multiplayer features are unpopular (especially with Apple!) and we get more iTunes store exposure. We're working on this right now.

The next item we need to talk about is iPad support. Here's the dilemma. To make the game look good on the iPad, we have to increase the size of our textures (the bubbles, etc.), but this means we kill performance on iPhone 3G and iPod touch. So we'll keep thinking about this one.

Finally, we promise to update the blog on a regular basis!